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"We wanted to do something that's hard to find and something that's really authentic," Sutheera said.

You won't find mom's fried rice anywhere else, because no one else makes it like Chef Dean.

Black Sesame Seaweed


Watch Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly and Michael Symon kick off their July 4th Party with a scoop of our Black Sesame Seaweed Ice Cream on ABC's Emmy award winning show The Chew.

Food Curated


 “I make ice cream for two reasons: I want to introduce these  wonderful things we have in Asia and in Thailand to people, and I also  miss these flavors. So, I make them because I miss them too.”   Meet Sutheera Denprapa, the ice cream designer and co-owner of Sky Ice, a small, artisan, all-natural ice cream shop based in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Time Out New York


Watch Kelly Choi do her thing as she samples her way though our "No-Carb" Pad Thai and favorite house dessert, the SkyIce Palette.

Craziest Ice Cream Flavors


Kelly’s son Joaquin Consuelos gets the back to school scoop from some kids on the street. Plus, Kelly and Christian Slater try New York’s craziest ice cream flavors including: Black Sesame Seaweed from SkyIce Sweet & Savory 63 5th Ave., Brooklyn; 718-230-0910

Top 10 Best Frozen Treats


Sky Ice: This little Park Slope shop offers an  impressive array of ice creams, sorbet, and shave ice, but our favorites  so far are its Thai-accented sorbets. Mango and mangosteen in  particular are very refreshing, and (for sorbets) surprisingly creamy in  texture. Their flavors are so pronounced and unadulterated that eating  them is like eating fruit that’s been plugged into a Marshall stack.  Which is another way of saying that we can’t wait to go back for more. 63 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-230-0910

Best Thing We Ate : Ice Cream At SkyIce


It may not have been particularly hot out yesterday, but that didn't  stop us from getting ice cream at local Park Slope favorite SkyIce Sweet & Savory.  While its Thai food is quite good and leans toward healthy ingredients,  more often than we visit for its frozen treats. Alongside more typical  selections like vanilla, mango and chocolate brownie, you'll find more  adventurous flavors like durian and Thai tea ice creams, as well as  mangosteen sorbet. Read more...

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Bangkok native Sutheera Denprapa started making ice creams with Southeast Asian flavors six years ago, selling them to Thai restaurants citywide.  Eventually she and her husband Jonathan Bayer opened a sunny corner cafe serving her ice cream and sorbets, as well as savory Thai specialties like lemongrass fried rice and noodle curries with pickled cabbage.

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I was eager to try the No-Carb Pad Thai with  tofu and vegetables. Can something without noodles really be a pad thai?  In this dish they're made of papaya strips, which retain their crunch  despite being cooked, not unlike stir fried bamboo. Tofu in two  varieties: fresh and smoked. Just make sure to ask for a version without  fish sauce.

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Five years ago, Sutheera Denprapa found her calling. Wondering aloud why there was no Thai iced tea-flavored ice cream in  New York City, she started making her own. She is, after all, a Bangkok  native and, according to husband Jonathan Bayer, an ice cream fiend. Her  attempts were so tasty that soon she was selling SkyIce wholesale to Thai restaurants citywide.

Brooklyn Paper


At just seven years of age in Bangkok, Thailand, Sutheera Denprapa was helping her mother bake special Thai treats to see at market.  When she was a teenager, Denprapa learned to make ice cream.
Eventually Denprapa moved to Brooklyn launched a clothing company and married an other Brooklyn resident, Jonathan Bayer.  She continue to make ice cream and soon developed Thai Tea, a unique flavor she and Bayer marketed to Thai restaurants.  New Flavors, including Mango and Black Sesame Seaweed, followed and an ice cream business was born. 

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The showstoppers of this Thai joint  are the tastebud-popping ice creams and sorbets, served by the scoop or the pint. Flavors include durian, black sesame seaweed, Thai tea and  coffee, coconut, and honey ginger; sorbet combinations like lychee rose  and raspberry cilantro taste like they came straight from a garden.  There are more than 15 choices at any one time, and specials might  include a convincing and exotic blueberry brie. The full menu features a  good selection of vegetarian options.



Yassy & Her Bussiness Story


Watch Yassy at 3 years old tell her version of the SkyIce story.



You're watching SFS TV, and in this episode we're exploring Brooklyn's Sky Ice Sweet & Savory. Owned and operated by husband and wife team Jonathan Bayer and Sutheera Denprapa, Sky Ice's unique ice creams embody the art and science of flavor pairing

Brooklyn Paper


The small but airy café in Park Slope has a “No-Carb Pad Thai” that’s all the satisfaction of a bowl of noodles with none of the guilt.  Replacing traditional rice noodles with sautéed, shredded papaya, owner Sutheera Denprapa — who hails from Thailand — has created a dish that’s  wonderfully original, surprisingly healthy, and hits all the right spots  for the hungry, carb-conscious eater.

Tasty Pursuits


How did an ice cream shop mash-up with a Thai restaurant? It all started  with Sutheera’s love of ice cream. As she was sipping Thai Iced Tea  with a friend, she thought it would make an intriguing ice cream flavor.  Rather than leave it at that, Sutheera spent the next six months making  it happen and perfecting the recipe. At first Jonathan and Sutheera  supplied their Thai Iced Tea ice cream to Thai restaurants. Then they  developed more varieties, specializing in Southeast Asian ingredients  such as durian and mangosteen to reflect Sutheera’s heritage.

The Top 20 NYC Thai Restaurants


Not all Thai restaurants are created equal, and that is why we have put together this list of the best ones in New York. Whether you’re a fan of the spicy foods and choose to indulge in tom yum and green curry, or you prefer the intense peanut-y taste of satay chicken, there is no denying that Thai is a cuisine full of flavor and character (plus, it’s a perfect summer go-to right?).

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ร้าน SkyIce ในนครนิวยอร์ค นำเสนออาหารไทยที่หารับประทานได้ยากและไอสครีมรสแปลกแหวกแนว


คุณสุธีรา เด่นประภา เป็นเจ้าของร้านอาหาร SkyIce ในย่าน Brooklyn  ในนครนิวยอร์ค นำเสนออาหารไทยที่หารับประทานได้ยากและไอสครีมรสแปลกแหวกแนว  เช่น แกงฮังเล น้ำพริกหนุ่ม แกงรัญจวน แสร้งว่า และไอสครีมรสแกงเขียวหวาน ดังที่ชนิดา อังคณารักษ์ บันทึกมาเสนอ

Cook's Cult, Thailand


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New Yorkers enjoy some of the best ice cream choices in the world, but there are few establishments that scoop such exotic and delicious flavors as raspberry-cilantro or black-sesame-seaweed sorbet. Enter SkyIce, a Park Slope Thai restaurant whose sweet treats balance out its spicy-savory Northern Thai menu.

Spotted! Durian Ice Cream at SkyIce


Let’s get this out of the way. Durian stinks. So much, in fact, that it’s illegal to take this pungent fruit on the train in Singapore – and you better not try to check into your fancy hotel in Bangkok with a cut durian in your plastic bag from your day spent roaming the markets. That’s a no-no.

Our 5 Favorite Ice Cream Mash-Ups


To borrow a phrase from Gloria Gaynor, when I first found out about this ice cream, at first I was afraid, I was petrified. But after the smallest sample taste humanly possible, SkyIce Sweet & Savory easily came out as the winner—that is, if these were being ranked. I was taken back to pubescent ditch days on the beach, where the ocean air had a salty, yet overwhelmingly refreshing taste to it. I regret letting my prejudice keep me from double scooping this classic underdog story concoction.
63 5th Avenue, Park Slope

Eat at These Restaurants ASAP


 Peer into the deep ice cream fridge at this little Park Slope cafe, and you'll find dozens of flavors you don't typically see in the grocery store. White Miso w/Sliced Almonds, Black Sesame Seaweed, Lychee Rose Sorbet, Roasted Thai Coconut, Thai Iced Tea, Mangosteen and the infamous fruit Durian are just some of the not-to-be-missed flavors. Read more...

Brain Freeze Ice Cream Eating Contest

2nd Annual Chilling victory: Slope local out-slurps competitors to win ice-cream-eating contest


Erdheim emerged victorious because of his on-the-fly strategy for  getting the confection out of its container and into his mouth,  according to Bayer, who said that he craftily froze the Thai  Tea-flavored cream served to competitors at a lower temperature than the  treats he serves in-store, leaving the athletes to struggle with  removing it without bending their spoons.

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1st Annual Ice Cream Eating Contest


This was Garcia’s first eating contest, but what he lacked in experience he made up for in his love of ice cream, he said.

There’s an outdoor ice cream-eating contest in Brooklyn this month (yes, really)


There’s going to be an outdoor ice cream-eating contest in Park Slope on November 18, and the competition (hosted by SkyIce)  is serious. Nine contestants chosen from more than 50 applicants will  test their spoon shoveling skills and attempt to polish off a pint of  SkyIce’s Thai Tea flavor ice cream as quickly as possible. The current  record to break is held by Patrick Garcia, who finished his frozen treat  in two minutes and 20 seconds in last year’s contest

Ice Cream-Eating Contest Returns To Park Slope As Temps Plummet :


SkyIce will hold its second annual "Brain Freeze" ice cream-eating  contest on Saturday, when nine contestants will compete for a SkyIce  gift card and a personal plaque.The eaters will race to see who  can scarf down a pint of SkyIce's Thai Tea flavor, which Chowhound  called "phenomenally delicious." Last year's winner, Patrick Garcia  downed his pint in 2 minutes and 20 seconds. He'll be competing again  this year.

Park Slope Resident Wins SkyIce Brain Freeze Ice Cream Eating Contest In New Record Time


PARK SLOPE – SkyIce Thai Food & Ice Cream hosted its second annual Brain Freeze Ice Cream Eating Contest Saturday afternoon, pitting nine contestants in a race to see who could finish an entire pint of Thai ice cream the fastest.